Selasa, 16 Februari 2016

Puisi: Remember Your Goals

In the midst of the daily routine
When the day was long
And the night was a snap

Let yourself pause
Just to draw breath
And to recall
For what I do all these
For who

Recall the dream which ever imprinted
Whether the day that never ends
And the night that never quite
Brought me closer to it?

Recall your past self
With the ideals that you hold
Do you still hold?

Recall all the things that were once enjoyable your heart, mind, and soul
Do you still feel it lately?
Or do you not feel it again for long?

And if the answer for all these questions are no, then make it yes
So that you once again walk on the right path
Until someday you feel the day and the night again aren’t balanced
Then you just have to pause
Just to draw breath
And answer those question again

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