Senin, 15 Februari 2016

Puisi: Memories

Something dim and distant fades away into the hazy mist beyond.
These are memories I should have held on to.
But before I knew it, they were gone.
I try to recall them, but they continue to disappear as if running away.

For example, memories of a child you once played with.
Performing in a class play in primary school.
And cheerfully playing together after school.
We ran around, collecting all of these memories.
Those glimmering moments we experienced fade away with the passing days and eventually disappear, as though none of it had ever occurred at all.

Just which memories do people need in order to live continue to live on?
Throughout the thousand of days we’ve lived through and tens of thousand more we have ahead of us, we feel.
And we forget.
If I were told that I am just an amalgamation of a vast collection of faint memories, then that would be too fleeting and uncertain for me to bear.
Which is why, in order to continue being who I am, and so that I can keep being myself, I say this:

Will you..

stay with me forever?

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